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Grace - 8x8 Beveled Board
Grace - 8x8 Beveled Board

Grace - 8x8 Beveled Board

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We are thrilled to be offering our prints mounted on gold Beveled Boards again!   These beautiful prints have been a favorite at Bradbury Lane for years.  They are currently available in 8x8 and 8x10 sizes and make a lovely and unique presentation of our photography and artwork.  Additional designs can be ordered by contacting us at 972-705-9300 or at customercare@bradburylane.com.  We are happy to help you create a beautiful piece for that perfect spot or design a special gift for someone you love. 

As Beveled Boards do not hang well on a wall, we recommend displaying them on our 8" gold easel available here.

Size:  8x8" square

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